I am a NASA Fellow working at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Before this I was working as a staff scientist at NASA’s Spitzer Science Center (SSC). I was a part of post-BCD group where I tested the SSC built data reduction pipeline. My duties also include data validation, completeness and reliability tests of IRAC and MIPS point source catalog. I was also a part of MIPSGAL group. I built a point source extraction pipeline for 24 micron MIPS data. I received my Ph.D from RPI’s Physics Department. There I worked with the Astronomy & Astrophysics group and my collaborators were Dr. Douglas C. B. Whittet (He was also my Ph.D thesis advisor), Dr. Wayne Roberge, and Dr. George Hassel. My research is focused on physics and chemistry of interstellar dust grain. My Ph.D thesis was a study to constrain (observational) different interstellar grain growth mechanism in dark molecular clouds.